Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is one of the most effective ways of keeping your trees in optimal health.

We understand that trees are an important asset in your property, by offering much needed shade during summer and provide the environment with much required oxygen and fresh air.

On the other hand if they are not taken care of properly, they can overgrow, die to soon or worse cause damage to your property.

Our Tree Pruning Services across the North Shore & Wider Auckland Region is undertaken by qualified and experienced arborists.

Reasons for Tree Pruning:

  1. Maximising sunlight into your property
  2. Power Line Clearance
  3. Clearing branches resting on buildings to reduce the possibility of physical damage.
  4. Minimising leaves dropping onto the roof
  5. Preventing possums or rodents using your roof as a home
  6. Pruning for Views
  7. Pruning of Dangerous Branches
  8. Enhancing Shape

At A1 Sure Services we are committed to taking great care of your trees.  Our experienced and highly qualified arborists ensure that trees are professionally trimmed as per your requirements. We also make sure that we leave no mess behind.

We treat your property with the respect it deserves.

Here are a few questions to ask when looking for a tree pruning  company in Auckland:

  • Are they are a registered tree services company?
  • Do they hold public liability insurance?
  • Does the tree services company have certified Arborists on staff?
  • Can they explain how they plan to prune the trees?

Why Choose A1 Sure Services:

  1. Qualified Arborists/ Experienced Climbers.
  2. Second to none Customer Service.
  3. Respect for surrounding property.
  4. We carry full public liability insurance.
  5. Highly Experienced in Tree Pruning. .
  6. Equipment for any Size Tree Pruning Project.
  7. Priority on Safety.
  8. Free Quotes & Advice.
  9. Quality Guarantee.
  10. Auckland Wide

Contact us today for all you tree maintenance & tree pruning  requirements and we’ll be only too happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours.


We have the people, experience, equipment, skills, knowledge, insurance and ethics to do any job safely at a competitive price, whilst looking after your property.


Tree Pruning

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Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown, decreases stress on individual branches and the whole tree.  Acheiving a tree shape best suited to its environment, maintainance of the tree's natural shape, reducing the effects of shade and increasing light.


Selectively removing branches evenly from throughout the tree crown, maintaining the overall shape and size, good health and structure of the tree. Increasing light through the tree canopy and reducing shade to plants and landscaping.


Raising the canopy of the tree with selective pruning and removal of lower branches increases the distance between the ground and the lower section of the tree's crown. Providing access for people, gardens, vehicles, restoring views and increasing light into homes and buildings.

Another Happy Customer

“Exceptional service and delivered so professionally. Can’t remember when we last had this first class service. Knowledgeable, professional and everything you could ever want. Job was executed in a timely matter and very clean tidy up. Only wish we had more jobs for them!”

- Joanne