Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

There are many reasons for pruning a tree. To let in more sunlight, to improve your view, to remove a dangerous branch or to improve the health and beauty of the tree. And there is far more to pruning than just having a chainsaw.

At A1 Sure Services our arborists use modern arboriculture practices and use the latest tools and machinery. Our arborists also have the knowledge and experience to perform more technical pruning such as crown lifting, reductions, thinning and formative pruning for structural integrity.

Using a rope climbing system combined with the latest rigging techniques our arborists will effectively reach trouble spots, at any height, so that only the branches that need to be pruned are removed without causing damage to the rest of the tree or property.

Tree Pruning

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Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown, decreases stress on individual branches and the whole tree.  Acheiving a tree shape best suited to its environment, maintainance of the tree's natural shape, reducing the effects of shade and increasing light.


Selectively removing branches evenly from throughout the tree crown, maintaining the overall shape and size, good health and structure of the tree. Increasing light through the tree canopy and reducing shade to plants and landscaping.


Raising the canopy of the tree with selective pruning and removal of lower branches increases the distance between the ground and the lower section of the tree's crown. Providing access for people, gardens, vehicles, restoring views and increasing light into homes and buildings.

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