Pohutukawa Tree care

Pohutukawa Tree Care

There really is nothing quite like a pohutukawa in full bloom. This native New Zealand tree is part of the Metrosideros meaning "iron-hearted" due to its exceptionally hard timber and red colouring. It holds a special place in Maori history and is often used for tools and boat building. Whilst beautiful, the iconic Pohutukawa (the New Zealand Christmas tree) requires regular specialised pohutukawa tree care and maintenance.

The A1 Sure Services team are passionate about Pohutukawa tree care and given the size and often precarious locations of this coastal native, it is wise to seek an experts consultation.

Pohutukawa on private land in the urban environment often requires Resource Consent from the Auckland City Council, before any pruning work or tree removal can take place. The A1 Sure Services Tree Care team will advise and assist with the Resource Consent process.

Pohutukawa Tree Care

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