Palm Trees are unlike other trees. They are particularly sturdy and robust and therefore require extensive knowledge, as well as specialist equipment, to remove them properly.

Palm Tree Removal in North Shore, Servicing Auckland Wide.

Auckland’s sub-tropical climate is perfect for certain species of Palm trees, and thus they are prevalent throughout the region. It’s not uncommon to have one or more growing in your backyard. At A1 Sure Services we have experienced arborists with the knowledge and equipment to be able to trim or completely remove palm trees.

Palm trees are actually able to survive and thrive in many different habitats, despite many people’s perception that they only tend to grow in tropical places. They can be found growing naturally as far north as France and as far south as New Zealand’s Chatham Islands. Different species of palms are found growing in wet lowland forests, deserts, tropical islands, the highlands of China, the Mediterranean, grasslands and, of course, subtropical environments.

Palm trees are a monophyletic group of plants, which means the group consists of a common ancestor and all its descendants. The earliest fossil found dates back 80 million years to the cretaceous period. This has given the tree plenty of time to evolve and develop a robust and resilient trunk.

Palms have along history of human use, even being credited as a major contributor to civilisation’s expansion into desert countries 5000 years ago, where the date palm was prevalent. It provided a useful source of energy and much-needed nutrients in hot and barren lands. It was also useful as a source of shade and shelter from the scorching sun and harsh desert winds.

These days palm trees tend to be more a symbol of tropical paradise, but they can still be useful in many ways. For example, the coconut palm is considered one of the 10 most useful trees in the world and plays a huge role in the economy of the Maldives. Palms can also be useful in the development of Food, Beverages,Construction, Household equipment, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics and Fuel.

In New Zealand we have a few different species of palm trees, but only one is endemic to the country. The Nikau palm can be found in coastal and lowland forest on the North Island, and as far south as Okarito in the South Island. It thrives in more humid conditions, so tends to not be found in drier areas.

Maori found many uses for the nikau palm. The inner leaves and the young flower clusters were able to be eaten raw or cooked, while the larger leaves were used to wrap food for cooking. Old fibrous leaves could be fashioned into baskets, floor mats, and waterproof thatch for buildings.

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