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Site Clearance / Land Clearing IN AUCKLAND: Hire the Professionals


If you’ve just purchased some raw land or land for property development, chances are you’ll need land clearing/ site clearance. You might also need land clearing if you’re planning an extension of your house.

Luckily the professional team at A1 Sure Services in Auckland are experts in all forms of land clearing/ site clearance.

We have the equipment to deal with even the most daunting requirements.

What is land clearing for?

Land clearing involves removing trees, stumps and other obstacles completely, so that land is clear for you to build on. This can be necessary for:

  • Developments
  • Subdivisions
  • House extensions
  • Aesthetics
  • Any backyard use like a pool installation

What does land clearing involve?

Land clearing often involves large and difficult jobs like removing trees and their remaining stumps completely. This kind of work requires professionals with specialist equipment and training.

We don’t recommend you attempt to remove trees yourself, even if you have access to the commercial grade chainsaws required. Felling trees is a very dangerous job - there are heights involved and risks when bringing them down. Even after a tree has been felled it can still cause injury if it continues rolling from the powerful momentum.

To keep yourself and your family or colleagues safe, it’s a much better idea to call the professionals when you need land clearing.

Our A1 Sure Services team are trained to use all the correct safety gear and equipment when felling trees.

We also have the necessary stump grinding equipment to remove any stumps left behind. Stumps are very difficult to remove unless you’re a professional with the right gear. Our experienced team will get the job done!

Council Consents

Certain kinds of land clearing may require consents from your local council. At A1 Sure Services our team are experts on council consents. We can advise whether you need one, and even assist you with completing your applications. It’s our job to make the whole land clearing process as easy as possible, from start to finish.

Here are a few questions to ask when looking for land clearing  services in Auckland:

  • Are they are a registered tree services company?
  • Does the tree services company have certified arborists on staff?
  • Can they carefully explain how they plan to clear the land?

Why Choose A1 Sure Services:

  1. Qualified Arborists/ Experienced Climbers
  2. Second to none Customer Service
  3. Respect for surrounding property
  4. We carry full public liability insurance
  5. Highly Experienced in Site Clearance/ Land Clearing
  6. Equipment for any Size Tree Removal Project
  7. Priority on Safety
  8. Free Quotes & Advice
  9. Quality Guarantee
  10. Servicing Auckland Wide

Finding an arborist company such as A1 Sure Services can make the world of difference because we can do it all, we are ultimately your one stop shop.


Our friendly, polite and honest arborists have an outstanding track record in delivering quality work, outstanding customer service and a safety first approach.

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Another Happy Customer

“Exceptional service and delivered so professionally. Can’t remember when we last had this first class service. Knowledgeable, professional and everything you could ever want. Job was executed in a timely matter and very clean tidy up. Only wish we had more jobs for them!”

- Joanne